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Summonses and Orders to produce

The Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson may issue a summons to a person to attend the Tribunal to give evidence and produce any documents that are referred to in the summons.

A summons may be issued at the request of a party to the proceedings or on the Tribunals own initiative.

A person who attends the Tribunal in answer to a summons is entitled to be paid the prescribed fees and allowances or, if no fees and allowances are prescribed, the fees and allowances (if any) determined by the Tribunal. Such fees and allowances are to be paid by the party who requested the summons to issue, or if the person attends pursuant to a summons issued on the initiative of the Tribunal, the fees and allowances are payable by the parties in the proportion determined by the Tribunal.

Section 42 of the Health Practitioners Tribunal Act 2010