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An order of the Tribunal must be in writing.

The Tribunal must give a copy of any order it makes in proceedings to

a) each party to the proceedings; and
b) each other person entitled to notice of the proceedings or of the order under the Act, the National Law or the referring Act.

The Tribunal must give reasons for making an order in proceedings, other than an order that has effect for the duration of the proceedings or a shorter period.

The Tribunal must give its reasons for making an order, within 60 days, or a later period determined by the Tribunal, after making the order.

If the Tribunal gives oral reasons for making an order a party to the proceedings may, within 14 days after the order is made, request the Tribunal to give its reasons in writing. The Tribunal must, within 45 days after receiving a request comply with the request.  The Tribunal may extend this period but only if it gives in writing the reasons for an extension.

An order of the Tribunal comes into effect immediately after it is made or at a later time, if any, specified in the order.

See - Section 33 of the Health Practitioners Tribunal Act 2010 - Orders