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The Tribunal may, as it thinks fit, publish in the manner it thinks fit, or refuse to publish, a decision of the Tribunal in respect of proceedings under the Act.

See - Section 51 of the Health Practitioners Tribunal Act 2010 - Publication of decisions of Tribunal

 Published decisions are available at www.austlii.com.au .

Transcripts & Recordings of Hearings

The Tribunal is to keep a record, which may be an electronic record of each hearing other than a meeting of the Tribunal held in private.

See - Section 50 of the Health Practitioners Tribunal Act 2010 - Records of Hearings

Unless there are specific reasons for the Tribunal to refuse a request, parties to a hearing may obtain a copy of the electronic record or a transcript of that record upon written request to the Tribunal. 

There are fees for these services.  Please contact the Tribunal for further details.